Thursday, August 16, 2012

Urgent: Please Sign Petition for Turtle Friendly Development in Juara

Development is currently underway on Mentawak Beach that threatens the population of Green sea turtles nesting here. Mentawak beach is where JTP resides and where Alli and I have been living since we left the U.S. in April. Most of JTP's work over the last six years, plus ours since we got here, will be in vain if we don't protect this habitat. Action is needed now to make sure turtle-friendly development is put in place or the turtles of Tioman will edge closer to extinction. Please follow the link below and sign the petition. Then spread the word people. Thank you so much everyone!

Petition link:

I will be writing more about this pressing subject, as well as what the future holds for sea turtles, JTP and Juara in general, soon on the blog. Stay tuned. Below is a map of the current development plans for Mentawak, as well as photos of the vegetation being cut and habitat for nesting turtles disappearing. *** All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.***
Notice the red streaks - a lot more chalets, lights and people are being planned for Mentawak Beach. The turtles are going to be pushed out, as well as natural vegetation line along the beach.

Above two photos: vegetation being cleared directly south of JTP, between us and Lagoon. Notice the photo on the bottom that vegetation still exists right of the sign, but to the left it is gone.

Above two photos: vegetation being cleared directly north of JTP for a future resort. It used to be very hard to see the ocean from where these photos were taken. Not anymore.
New chalets going in on the north end of Mentawak Beach. Opening soon.

These two photos of nesting Green turtles on Mentawak beach could  a thing of the past if measures aren't taken for turtle-friendly development to be put in place.

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