Friday, August 24, 2012

Daily Photos: Retractable Roof for the Seedlings

Hammering away like it ain't no thing. Retractable roof in progress.
Alli's got a solid station where she keeps all her seedlings, letting the little buggers grow so they can beef up, get big, pass puberty and become ready to be planted in the ground. "Who run it" Three 6 Mafia once asked? Well at JTP, the Lady does when it comes to gardening. She noticed sometime back that seedlings in the middle of the table weren't getting enough sunshine. Unacceptable she said. The ones that received sun on an occasional basis throughout the day were bulking up faster than their shaded comrades. Solution: retractable roof!

I decided to head this up so the output is shoddy at best, but functional. I retied the roof, reorganized sticks and bamboo, slammed in a few nails and tied some loops to secure the new movable addition. The construction has yet to tumble down to the ground, which is encouraging. Wait, breaking news, as I was about to post this Alli told me very plainly: "It's broken," and then laughed. I'll get on that tomorrow. As for the seedlings, when the roof is popped back, they shinin.'

Get your shine on: the seedling table.

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