Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Laying Down Cement for a Poop Tank

That right there is some cement mixing on up.
Right now at JTP we are quite busy. We recently overhauled our volunteer program. High tourist season is upon us so many folks are receiving our turtle talks and learning that we do much more here than keep a blind handicapped turtle in a pot. We are also in the midst of dealing with pending large scale development that could irreparably harm Mentawak beach, simply meaning turtles might not nest here anymore. If this happens, the Greens and Hawksbill females that still visit only a few Tioman beaches to lay eggs will be one step closer to extinction here on the island. More on this unprecedented situation in an upcoming blog post. *** All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.***

Check out my one-wheel motion, jealous Ice Cube?
Making it rain cement on this here septic.

While all of these issues are being diligently worked on the gears got to keep rolling at JTP, too. Leaves must be raked, beaches must be patrolled, talks must be given, and ongoing chalet construction continues, to name a few. We do everything in house. One of the two chalets currently being built here is almost complete. Hopefully when she gets back from visiting her family Izzati will be able to take up residence in the humble abode. Charlie gets a massive shout out for cranking away at this chalet for months now. He's done most of the work. I'd like to take credit for it looking so so def (this is definitely my first Jermaine Dupri reference on the blog), but I can't.

As the great philosopher Joe Dirt, circa 2001, said: shit'll buff out!

Today one of the last acts before we can cut the red ribbon was finished. The septic tank received a smooth cement top and luckily didn't cave in. Two days ago we gave the future poop and piss holding cell some cement walls and today we buffed out a cement roof. Charlie mixed and mashed cement. I wheelbarrowed it over, plopped it on down and smoothed it all around, like spreading oil evenly in a pan. This was the first septic tank construction I've ever been a part of. Felt real nice. Soon we'll put the lid on and then the flushing can begin.

The finished product. The message is oh so funny because it couldn't be farther opposite from the truth.
The tank with the nearly completed chalet in the background, aka Big Swiss.

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