Saturday, April 14, 2012

One Week In! First the Flight & Singapore

Greetings folks (whoever is reading this) from Pulau Tioman, Malaysia! Alli and I are here now in Kampung Juara, at the Juara Turtle Project, and have been for 5 days. That's future blog post though (coming soon, cub scout's honor). But before we got into all this jazz we had a lenghty flight to endure, as well as a few days to wander in Singapore.

Leaving Arizona and the Sonoran Desert l
ast Thursday (05 April 2012) was tough and more hectic than either of us thought. My daily to-do-lists in Chandler resembled the ramblings of a truly professional procrastinator. Of course Alli's lists were nice and tidy. But it was incredibly difficult to leave mis amigos (Bratze he a love them all!) & familia behind. All will be missed, well except that one Bumsted's karaoke host. Her, not so much.
The journey went like this: Singapore airlines from Phoenix -> San Fran -> Seoul -> and finally: looks like we made it! Shania Twain style. Close to 24 hours total. I didn't think it was too awful - they offered boatloads of free movies and gave us more than enough food. My only regret: I watched the 4th Mission Impossible (don't waste your time) instead of On Deadly Ground. Never should have chose Cruise over Segal. One of the highlights: ice cream sandwiches after our veggie Indian dinner.

We then got into Singapore around 230am and took a taxi to Tom Wuebben's condo. Haven't seen this kid in almost 5 years so that's pretty darn exciting. But he was out of town 'til the next day, which proved to be for the best since getting used to the 12 hour time difference is a task. We crashed there, slept in, felt wacky and finally were able to muster the strength to head to the renowed food hawker stalls Asia is known for. In short: they're delectable! So much variety: noodles, candy pork over rice, curries, yummy smoothies, etc. You really can't go wrong (I might have had two entrees!).

Then shortly after this almighty food consumption we passed out for lots of hours and the next day were greeted by Big Tom Wuebbens, which was a blast. He showed us all around Singapore. My summarized opinions: very fancy, nice cars (my 93 Nissan Pickup I'm pretty sure is illegal here), expensive, futuristic architecture and more shopping than any average person needs. Not my favorite, but probably the easiest and least sketchy city to fly into at 3am and meander around town. It was an effortless transition. Little India is a neighborhood worth spending some time in though if you do find yourself there.

Spent one more night at Big T's place and then packed up for our journey out to Pulau Tioman. But that's another story and I'm on the 4am beach patrol for sea turtles, so it's time to rest my eyes. Semalat tinggal.


  1. Bratze thank you so much for blogging this is most exciting! Can't wait to hear more! I'm gonna be on this like white on rice. Or should I say, like esweet pork on rice.

  2. Brian, This is a great way to document everything you are doing. Keep it up!

  3. Shania twain and ice cream sandwiches, Holla! Looking forward to all blog action from here on out. Love you guys!