Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Down at the Cat Museum

There’s no doubt my last post was quite on the depressing side. Reading about mammoth swaths of our world’s rainforest being reduced to stumps, burnt earth and a monoculture that produces margerine, toothpaste and processed food, probably wasn’t much fun. (Knock yourself out by clicking here). Neither is hearing about the bleak future of orangutans, who are losing their homes and becoming either ecological refugees or pet trade trophies. Or maybe just dead. 

Alli trying to keep a straight face next to one of the large kitties on display. *** All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them. ***
So in the spirit of not turning this blog into an advocacy pulpit (how original), I’ve decided to dedicate this entry to a subject the Internet and most of its users seem to fancy: cats (even more original). No, I don’t have any pithy Asian cat memes, but I’ll do you one better. A photographic tour of the Cat Museum of Kuching, Sarawak is what follows. This was the strangest museum we’ve ever had the pleasure of attending. ‘Kucing’ means cat in the Malaysian language. This Malaysian Borneo city has taken the ball and ran with it when it comes to paying homage to felines: cat statues abound, their manhole covers include kitties and, yes, there’s a cat museum. 

Could you ask for a better admission area?
No live cats are there though. But what the museum lacks in live creatures it makes up for in every other department. Anything a cat was ever involved in can be found here: info on the “cat nap”; an astounding oddball assortment of cat art, posters and figurines; canned cat food on display behind glass; cats in cinema; diagrams on how to properly hold a cat; a showcase on the “catwalk; and oh so much more. The entire experience was strangely wonderful. Enjoy the tour people.

WOW! is right.

Is that so? Hahaha, one of my faves.
Taking a snooze in the cat nap section.
You don't wanna mess with Asian cat motorcyle gangs.
Ode to the catwalk!
Hey guys!!!
Ain't that the purdiest display of bagged and canned cat food ya ever saw?
Blogger isn't cooperating on the position of this pic, but in case you're wondering it's displaying how to properly hold a cat when you're at a cat show.
You know a museum is thorough when they're busting out obscure catfish predation newspaper stories from Russia.
To fully appreciate this photo one must read the caption in it. You learn something new everyday.
These guys huh? Must have been the purrr-fect band. Bam! Corny joke made.
One of the many, many, many strange cases of cat statues. Whoever did the purchasing for this museum had a field day.
I haven't seen Spielberg's Lincoln, but I hope this event was included.
The cats in movies section had some wonderful posters (found below), especially the Burt Reynolds one.

The tag lines of the above two movies are hilarious.

I wish this feline could serve me some beer.
Calculating cat years.
You know Cat Stevens had to make an appearance!
I was stoked - never been in a cat cave before.
Malaysia's pretty strict on drugs, I don't think they knew was a pot plant.
Getting my geeee-tah on, just like the kitty.
Just admiring a painting in the cat art section.
Not sure why this waving cat was behind glass, but they put cat food in a glass case so who knows?
I don't think there's a better way to sum this up.

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