Friday, July 13, 2012

Sweaty Man and the Banana Stand

Forgive our lack of posting, but we had to do a visa run to Singapore, which in itself is another story altogether. Soon it will be told via this blog. I also recently am a novice Kindle Fire owner due to a birthday present from my Dad. I'm still getting used to the device and my old-school media stubbornness has also not totally subsided yet either. A Kindle in the the hands of someone who subscribed to two newspapers, frequently purchased used books and possessed a prepaid Nokia before we left for Asia is an uphill battle. But I might be on the verge of being beaten down.

Mostly because hauling around an assortment of books in a large backpack in a tropical humid climate leads to a lot of perspiration, stank and less room for other essentials, like clothes and coffee. One issue I do have with the Kindle is that Blogger don't work on it so that's why no posts were blasted out into cyberspace on our holiday in Singapore. Now that we're back in Juara, and I'm in a jolly writing mood, we'll get back to our semi-regular broadcasting schedule.

Speaking of sweat (and maybe because my photo collection is lacking at the moment), the moment captured below is of me pruning one of our many banana trees. I'm also sweating profusely in the afternoon sunshine. We got a lot of bananas on the property and once in awhile someone needs to get our extended pruning machete out to chop down dead leaves, and other riff-raff we don't want on or near the trees. I love doing it, but I'm not quite a master banana manicurist yet. I might have accidentally scalped some banana fruit just a few minutes after this photo was taken. Luckily we still harvested the bunch some days later and all were delectable, except for the three I had decapitated. The bugs, and later the chickens, ate those.

Prune them banana leaves!

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